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Project medium orfeus 07...determining an intermedial position
by Eberhard Kloke and Markus Wintersberger
Remembering by perceiving: MEDIUM Orpheus
medium orfeus 07... determining a position

400 years ORFEO-Monteverdi – occasion enough to draw some conclusions about the format of opera/music theatre and the
mythology around it. Merely determining the position cannot do full justice to such a project. Rather, subject matter and medium
demand the initiation of an open EXCHANGE ( Here, the historical INTERMEDIUM - from which
Monteverdi`s/Striggio`s ORFEO of 1607 can be deduced – presents the bridge to contemporary, digital media of (re)presentation,
of information and of data transfer. 

Memory as perception?
A productive-receptive approach to remembering ORFEO-ORPHEUS thus presents itself as an expansion of perception,
rich with ramifications. The intermedial discourse is sparked off by the historical focus "Orpheus," and opens up futuristic spaces
of sound and vision, as well as new performative modes of presentation. 

medium Orfeus07 as discourse?
The underlying structure of the entire project is the initiation of a programmatic determination as movens towards general research
and an open portal (
Therefore, medium ORFEUS 07 is only initially "discourse," since in its further
development it sets out to become an intensive LABORATORY of the arts. The portal invites and is already
used to register art-related contents and links, and to participate in a data- and information exchange, in order to create a virulent
medium orfeus 07.
Eberhard Kloke, Berlin, November 2005
Etienne Duperac: Maiestatis Pontificiae dum in Capella Xisti Sacra Peraguntur, Rom 1578
project medium orfeus07
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